TDM, Ink's new title LITTLETHUMB SNEEZED is available for purchase.
Your parents don't want you to read this book. They don't want you to know. Even if you are old, your parents are older, and that's not cool. POST OH!POCALYPTO POPPYCOCK is coming soon. This novel will usher in the beginning of the middle of the end. We are currently at the beginning of the beginning of the end. But, the beginning of the middle of the end is coming soon. It will be the most explosive and exciting part of the end. The end of the end will pretty much suck, unless you buy Littlethumb Sneezed and help save the multiverse. You should do that, because you live in the multiverse too, so if the multiverse gets destroyed, so do you. In other worlds, you should buy Littlethumb Sneezed and read it or you might die.